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Carla - Lifestyle photo-shoot

Over the past years, at-home lifestyle newborn shoots have become one of my favorite types of sessions. I prefer to document newborns naturally. This is called “lifestyle” photography. Some newborn photographers pose babies and dress them with props and staged outfits, and while there are many talented photographers with this approach who get beautiful shots, this is just not my style! I like to capture families in a way that depicts real life, a glimpse into their every day. There is such sweetness to newborns, I enjoy capturing them exactly as they are in their unique home environment.

The realness, the comfort of the home setting, the tiny fingers and toes – so different from the studio & outdoor sessions I typically do and I love every part of it! As an at-home newborn photographer, it is a privilege to be invited into this quiet space.

Now moving on to the decor, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, people are inundated with options, inspiration and opportunities for individualism. Carla's dreamy nursery located in Bucharest in no exception and it must be one of my favorite ones yet.

So let's all send a warm welcome to beautiful Carla, born on 28 January 2020 in Bucharest, Romania!

Wall decor:

Velvet chair:


Changing table :

Light fixture:

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