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October 2022, Katie & Josh`s wedding.


My friend Parker (music DJ with Sound by Design): Olga, we have been working together for over 15 years. How many weddings do you think you have you ever shot?

Me raising the  eyebrows: hmmm...I have no clue.......


The next day I went back in my calendar and I counted. 476 weddings. Then I rested my head on the pillow and didn`t move for a long time.



It`s not just a number, it`s a journey.  The smiles, the planning, the travel, the beautiful gowns, the smell of aftershave, hair spray and the mimosas in the morning, a groomsman playing his guitar, the excitement building up in the air, the sight of the wedding bouquets, tearing up reading the most meaningful note you ever received, the first time you look into your best friend's eyes on your wedding day knowing that you will belong to her/him for the rest of your life, voices trembling while speaking out the vows, tears of joy at the sight of the wedding band on your finger, hands touching,  your family and your best friends wrapping their arms around you, the speeches reminiscing about your childhood and the history of your relationships with your family, friends and with now your spouse, the eyes meeting for the first dance and then letting it loose and dancing your shoes off with the people you love.


232 is not just a number. It`s people. People that I got to hug, to laugh with, to capture through my lens, people that I connected with in a deep meaningful way throughout the journey we shared together. Many of them became my friends and that is truly the best part of my job. Getting to grow with you over the years and somehow become part of your history.


                                         476 is not just a number, it`s magic happening.



In the past decade I photographed my engaged couples dining in their favorite restaurant, hiking, riding horses, sharing a beer with their favorite bartender, playing valleyball at Bradford beach, cooking in the intimacy of their own kitcken, playing with their dogs and cats in the middle of their living room, sharing hot cocoa on a snowy day, working out, kissing in the middle of the Brewers stadium, cuddling on a beach at sunset and shopping at The Public Market. 


I photographed weddings in pretty much every venue in Milwaukee, many other weddings in Madison, Chicago, Door County and several destination weddings in Colorado, California, Florida, Mexico, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, India, France, Romania, Spain & Italy. can I choose few weddings  to illustrate my work? I can`t, as my work continuously changes as I grow as an artist.  


To see what my present work looks like, dive into my wedding website and say hello to some of my favorite couples and families.


Then send me an email, and say hello to me. :)





















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