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      From the beginning Olga has been steeped in the arts. Her father Lucian Faur, an accomplished graphic designer and painter, constantly encouraged artistic expression in the house. Her sister, Magda is a concert pianist and considered to be one of the premier pianists in her home country of Romania. From this background Olga was carved into a creative thinker and problem solver. After delving in several art-forms, Olga found her voice as a photojournalist. Seeking social relevance, Olga graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Bucharest, Romania and immediately began her career shooting for the national newspapers.
After starting a family and moving to the US,  Olga has concentrated on elevating family and wedding photography. “Art is an abstraction of memories. We remember sweeping movement that triggers sound and smell and the like, and this is how I approach portraits. I try to create a space in which people can express their humanity and then I simply record it through a lens.”
Spanning the last 17 years, Olga has photographed over 500 weddings and thousands of families across the US, Caribbean Islands and Europe. 
Her award winning photographs have been published in magazines such as: Time, Martha Stewart, and Wisconsin Bride. She has been on several national wedding blogs such as 100 Layers Cake, Bridal Musing, The Wedding Lady ,The Bride Link and The Wedding Community from UK.


In 2022 after calling Milwaukee home for almost 20 years, Olga moved part time to San Juan Puerto Rico where she is spending more than half of her time now, focusing on destination weddings and family photography.
Because of her extensive resume, Olga’s pricing is reflective of her level of expertise but still competitive. 

For a wonderful, regenerating photography experience, call or email today for a complimentary consultation.


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