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Lifestyle newborn session with Conner Joseph

A sweet nudie little babe all sleepy and curly on a soft blanket backdrop wearing an adorable little knit hat or wrap. These kinds of posed newborn photographs have become synonymous with the term “newborn photography” over the past five or so years. I love them. We all love them. There is something so serene and pleasing about a brand new life. A baby only days old sleeping peacefully all curled up and comfy just as they recently were in utero.

Of course as a newborn photographer myself I definitely offer this style of newborn photography to my clients in the Milwaukee area and beyond. I do however also offer an alternative type of newborn photography, which is a little lesser known, but just as beautiful and amazing as an in studio newborn session. Lifestyle newborn photography is becoming one of my all time favourite sessions that I offer to my clients.