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Photo Packaging - get inspired

I love when photographers share their work, their ideas and the way they do things. As part of the industry I believe we should help and inspire each other in order to be better artists and offer more to our clients. Recently I re-branded my company and the packaging screamed for un upgrade as well. Things will be temporary because starting with next year we will we will end a decade long relationship with the CDS /DVDs and replace them with personalized USB sticks. That`s a necessary upgrade as the new computers and laptops don`t have a CD space build in anymore, forcing us to move to a new format. As most of you know, besides the actual physical package, my clients get a PASS online gallery with their photos that allows downloading, sharing and ordering prints in just a click. Despite having access to their files online, I feel the experience is enhanced by an actual package that shows time and effort was taken to make it theirs and to say an appropriate thank you. They are the people who allow us to do what we love. Always remember that.

I want to share the new, cool things I am doing with my packaging, hoping to inspire everyone in the industry to get creative and crafty with theirs.

First of all, my "famous" red box will be replaced, as red is not part of my brand color palette anymore. I buy my boxes from U-line. Unfortunately they don`t have an option in recycled paper or tiffany blue. If you guys come across a different company who sells what I need, send me the link and I will buy you a cocktail. So here it goes..

First rule for myself is what I constantly tell my fellow apprentices: follow your heart and your esthetic sense, not the trends. "FEEL" your work and find your voice. :)

Second, make sure you implement the branding into your packaging and you have a set color pallet that complements your website.


Personalize everything.

I recently purchased a Extra Long Reach Round Embosser for $142 and 3 x 3 Knob Handled Wood Stamp for $20 both from Stamp-Connection ( and I`m in love with them. How cool do they look?!


I then add an element of cutness via baby, wedding and thank you stamps.

Stamps and ink are my new friends. When using them I feel like I am in kindergarden all over again, crafting cool things for everyone to see. (can I have an ice cream now? )


Tags from Michaels - an adorable touch


The copyright release form personalized with the logo, info and the embosser stamp. That makes it official. You ARE a photographer!


Personalized CD covers


The bow. Don`t forget the bow. :)


And most importantly.... the thank you card. With family/newborn sessions , I always address the thank you card to the kids. It`s cute and it makes the parents giggle. (whitch makes me happy )


I have been asked by numerous people why am I successful, what makes ME successful? They have great photos too but unfortunately some of them struggle to create a client base and to grow it. Why is that?! Clients will return not only for great photos but for the entire experience. They don`t pay just for the product, or just for the packaging or just for your personality. It`s EVERYTHING combined. How you market yourself, what you have to offer and how you deliver it, will determine how successful you are.

That`s about it. Keep it simple, tastefull and meanigfull- just like everything else in life.



P.S Kitty approves. :)


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