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Tzvia & Mitch

from the bride...

"Mitch and I are both white lab coat scientists that met 6 years ago in Pittsburgh…on the now not so famous media site: Myspace. Unfortunately within 2 weeks of meeting, I left for a long summer vacation overseas, but it was over this trip that I already knew he was a keeper (he would make late night pricey calls just to say hello!). Within the last 6 years, we challenged our relationship with a three-year, 5-hour long distance relationship. After all, “distance is just a test to see how far love can travel”. After proposing in 2012, we wanted a longer engagement to make sure we picked the right people to help us make our day perfect. Our wedding was just that, it included personal touches like the bride’s choice of Romanian/Israeli music, the groom’s hometown church, and close nit family and friends. If you sit back and look at our wedding story unfold, you can come to the conclusion and see that we truly are lovers that are chic with a touch of geek. "