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My butt crack - free with every purchase

Today I was googling myself when I encountered this seldom negative review from a lady who used my services for family photos. She said great things about her photos, my interaction with her little girl and my ability to give them directions. However, she complained about the fact that they could see my butt crack when standing right behind me. Dear clients, I'm petite and for family sessions I wear baggy jeans witch allows me to move freely in order to get the best angles for our photos. (I dress better at weddings. I won't embarrass you, I promise So on occasion you might get a glimpse or even a good full view of my plumber butt crack. When that happens feel free to pull my pants up and let's laugh together at it instead of writing a negative review about my business.

In case you have never seen my butt crack here it is in all of its glory during one of my shoots. (Thanks Lottie Lillian for taking the photo)

A big thank you to all all my clients who feel that it`s well worth it to put up with my butt crack for an hour and end up with gorgeous images for life.


Olga :)

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